·Stormbringer: Legend of the 23
Stormbringer: Legend of the 23
Century is the first volume in the Legends of the 23
Century series.

A girl with a super-human talent,

A boy with a gift for invention,

And an evil that threatens us all!

In 2207, June Anderson stands between humanity and its doom. When a series of break-ins threatens her family, she takes on the persona of the "Stormbringer".

Armed with the power to create portals and assisted by a child prodigy, June has to push herself beyond her limits in an effort to save her family - and the world - from the threat of Dr Douglas, a man so afraid of death that he has managed to conquer it at the cost of other peoples' lives.

Volume 1 follows the first adventure of June Anderson, a twelve-year-old girl who lives with her adoptive parents and her co-adopted little brother, Simon.
One night in the run up to their first Christmas together, the Andersons are attacked in their sleep, forcing June to unleash a secret she's been keeping since she was only five years old...
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