A girl with a super-human talent,

A boy with a gift for invention,

And an evil that threatens us all!

In 2207, June Anderson stands between humanity and its doom. During a series of break-ins which threaten to destroy her family, she takes on the alter-ego of the "Stormbringer".

Armed with the power to create portals and assisted by a child prodigy, June has to push herself beyond her limits in an effort to save her family - and the world - from a threat greater than she could ever imagine.

'The powerful hound jumped onto the table, barking and baring his teeth before leaping past James towards the masked girl.
Calmly, she pointed her raised arm towards the dog. As she spread her fingers, a glowing disc of purple swirling clouds appeared to open silently in front of her.
Rabies yelped before disappearing into the circle without emerging from the other side.
James ran and hid behind his boss, who pulled a small gun out from under the table.
“I don’t believe my eyes. Who are you supposed to be?” grunted the gang leader with his finger on the trigger.
“The Stormbringer,” she stated confidently.'

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