·Character Biographies·
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·June Anderson·
Date of Birth: 19/07/2195
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Hazel
June's history is shrouded in mystery. Her biological parents' medical records cannot be located and her birth coincides with both the arrival of a strange looking space craft in the middle of Northampton City Centre and the destruction of Hawaii by a meteorite.
Shortly after she was born, she was taken into the care of Stuart Graves, an old man whose official records begin on June's date of birth. For the next five years, she was raised by Stuart, who taught her how to create purple hazy portals he called "Storms". While using one of these Storms to deliver a package, Stuart went missing in 2200.

For almost seven years, June lived in a state-run care home, where she was introduced to Simon. The younger boy continually tormented June about her Asian apperance and would often play pranks on her. June's attempts at revenge often backfired due to Simon's interference.

In 2207, June and Simon were adopted by Mr and Mrs Anderson, a childless couple in their thirties. While Mrs Anderson did her best to treat both children equally, Mr Anderson's clear favourite was Simon. In the run up to their first Christmas together, tragedy struck when an armed gang targetted the family home in a series of attempted robberies.

At this point, June took on the persona of the Stormbringer. Using a costume she had made to impress Simon and Mr Anderson, June attempted to defend her family from the gang. Each failed attempt only hardened the gang's resolve to the point where they killed Simon and Mrs Anderson despite June's best efforts.

During the break-in attempts, June crossed paths with Boris Petrov, a twelve-year-old genius in search of his missing father. Boris had completed his father's work in personal stealth technology and created a cloaking suit with powerful magnetic gloves and boots. Under the name of the Teslageist, Boris teams up with June to uncover the plans of the gang and the location of his father.
·Boris Petrov·
Date of Birth: 28/08/2195
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Boris' was born to his parents, Lucy and Dimitri Petrov in late August 2195. By the age of four he was able to both read and write simple optronic circuit diagrams and was an avid follower of his father's work.

Dimitri spoke quite often to Boris of a man who could make violet wormholes; besides being a subject of research, the wormholes were usable as a secure and swift mode of delivery for any test sample or item of equipment which could be carried by hand. Everything went downhill for Boris in 2200 when Dimitri went missing during an investigation into the disappearance of a sample of Azurium - an extremely rare type of exotic matter which seemed to break the physical law of conservation of energy by emitting photons without absorbing energy or losing mass.

The loss of his father combined with his lack of any kind of cognitive challenge at school caused him to become completely withdrawn. The only thing his exhausted mother could find to engage him were the old notes Dimitri had left in his home-office.

The next four years saw Boris obsessing over incomplete theories and unfinished inventions, culminating in a costume which granted the twelve-year-old total invisibility and control over powerful magnetic fields. Without informing Lucy, Boris ran away from home after hearing word of portals in the news similar to the violet wormholes his father had discussed.

His journey took him to Macclesfield, where he met June Anderson, a girl of a similar age whose family had come under attack from a gang from Manchester.

After finding they have a common enemy, Boris and June join forces in the hope of finding and saving their lost family members.
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